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A Piano and a 94 Year Old Man

January 13, 2020

A Piano and a 94 Year Old Man

Yesterday I spent some time with Norm. Norm is 94 and practiced law, had his own firm and was a lawyer for 60 plus years.

This Norm reminded me of my Dad who was also a Norm, a soft-spoken gentle man just like my Dad.

He was a slight man, not very big but you know, just know that you would not want to mess with him…just like my Dad.

He told me stories about the home he has lived in for 57 years, raising a family, the good times in the back yard and losing his wife and coming back to an empty home.

Norm has a piano that has to go, he can’t take it to his new, smaller place. He told me his parents bought it for him during the depression. It was $150 back then. He said that was huge money and it was a big deal for the family.

The problem was that Norm had no desire to play it. He told me he would rather be outside playing sports. Sounded a lot like me.

So now we have a 100-year-old piano to move and no home to put it in. I guess that’s just like human life… time comes to an end. Lovely man!

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