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Emotional Transition to New Home

January 13, 2020

An Emotional Transition to New Home After 23 Years

Yesterday we transitioned a couple that have been in their home for 23 years. I won’t name them or even use their initials because it was an extremely tough day on everyone, including us.

We were guaranteed when we were arrived that a lot of things that were not going with them to the new home were either to be donated or given away. This was not the case!

When we arrived, the place was still full of items and she insisted she was taking EVERYTHING!

We explained the suite they were moving to was small and would not accommodate everything.

To avoid breaking her heart, we came up with a plan to rent a storage unit and this way they did not have to get rid of anything.

She was visibly upset, lots of swearing and some not nice moments for sure, but we as a team ensured her everything was going to be OK.

Tears, hugs and a caring plan was all we needed to make the day go flawlessly.

Not only did we calm a very troubling situation, but we made sure when they walked into their new home that everything was done.

We made the bed, ornaments and pictures were put up, and family photos beside the bed. It looked just like home.

It was a very interesting day where emotions were high, and we handled it like pros – our team is awesome!

If you live in the Lower Mainland area of BC and need assistance with downsizing and relocating to a smaller space, give us a call.