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never to late to find love

February 1, 2020

It’s Never To Late Too Find Love

Here is another Genie story and perhaps my favourite ever. It’s about how it’s never too late to find love.

This week we relocated a senior couple, Betty and Bob. Betty and Bob lived on the same street in Winnipeg, Manitoba 90 years ago. Bob and Betty are now 90 years old.

Betty said she remembered when she was 5 years old she thought Bob was cute. She also told me that she remembers quite vividly sitting on a sidewalk beside Bob making sure her knees were together because that’s what her Mom always told her to do because when a little girl wears a dress and sits, “Her knees must be touching”.

So life happened for Betty and Bob and both moved on with their lives. Betty was hired at Air Canada, got married and had kids. Bob was married three times, went from coast-to-coast working and raising kids. He was widowed twice. When Bob’s last wife died, Bob moved to British Columbia and settled down.

True Love Rekindled

One day, Bob went out with some old chaps he knew and one of them said, “Hey, do you remember Betty, the girl that lived on our street in Winnipeg?”. Bob said, “Of course! I thought she was pretty special but I haven’t heard what happened to her, it’s been almost 70 years.” Bob’s friend mentioned that Betty now lived close by and he had seen her the other night! “Hey, set me up on a date!”, said Bob. Never thinking this would happen.

Well, Bob and Betty went out on that date 15 years ago, both were 75 years old.  Shortly after that, they were married. Bob and Betty have been together now for 15 years and they truly are in love.

Cathy, who works for us, told us one day, “They were on the couch yesterday and she had fallen asleep in his arms. He was wide awake just smiling.”

I guess true love never dies! We are so happy we’ve had the pleasure to meet Betty and Bob who prove it’s never too late to find love!

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